Medications That Commonly Hurt Your Teeth

Posted on 10/30/2010 by Jeremy Burke
Medications That Commonly Hurt Your Teeth When you come to our office for the first time, we will ask you to tell us about your health history. Some of the questions relate to current medical conditions and medications you are taking for them. The reason for these questions is that many drugs can damage your oral health and it is important for us to understand what we are looking at during your oral examination. Taking medications usually comes with side effects such as dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, and others. While many of them affect different parts of your body, others will hurt your teeth.

Medications Can Hurt Your Teeth

One of the most common and damaging side effects of medications is a dry mouth. This condition can not only be uncomfortable for obvious reasons but having a dry mouth can lead to more serious oral problems such as tooth decay and gum disease, which in turn could lead to tooth loss. Saliva is a natural anti-bacterial and essential cleanser. A healthy mouth produces the right amount of saliva to get rid of the food particles left behind from eating and chewing. When your mouth is dry, disease-causing bacteria can grow more rapidly. Additional adverse effects of medicine on your mouth are changes in taste, inflammation of the soft tissue, sore gums, bleeding, and yeast infections, among others.

Worse Medications for Your Teeth

Some of the worse medications for your oral health are:
•  Pain medications
•  Antacids
•  Antidepressants
•  Antihistamines
•  High blood pressure medications
•  Aspirin
•  Blood Thinners
•  Chemotherapy or radiation chemicals
•  Certain antibiotics
•  Oral contraceptives
The list is long, and you must be aware that any of these drugs can be harmful to your oral health. This is what we ask that you give us a complete list of over-the-counter or prescription drugs you currently take. It will help us better understand why you may be experiencing certain oral health issues.
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