In addition to classic dental services, Dr. Burke loves doing cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is the only dentist with Sustaining Member credentials in that Academy in the Lubbock and Odessa, Texas areas. In addition, he is the recommended cosmetic dentist for these areas by the referral service, the leading cosmetic dentistry referral website in the country.

Cosmetic dentistry is very different from general dentistry and requires a different set of skills. In dental school, dentists are taught how to fix things and make them last. There is very little artistic training, and the vast majority of dentists don’t feel artistically inclined. Creating a new smile, however, requires artistic ability and appreciation, and to do it well, a dentist needs to have passion for that creative, artistic process.

Dr. Burke has that passion, and to communicate that to you and his confidence, he offers his beautiful smile guarantee.

When you come to us for a new smile, at your first consultation, Dr. Burke will listen to your concerns, goals, and dreams of a beautiful new smile. A clinical examination will document the present condition of your teeth, and will help him devise a treatment plan to achieve your aspirations.

Based on your input, a smile will be designed for you where the teeth will be colored and shaped according to your preferences. When it comes back from the laboratory, before it is bonded to your teeth, Dr. Burke will try it on. You’ll have an opportunity to preview the smile in your own mouth to make sure it is exactly what you want. At that point, if you don’t love it, it will be taken off and returned to the laboratory for the ceramist to modify it or even completely re-do it. It will keep going back as many times as necessary until you absolutely love your new smile. Only then will it be bonded to your teeth.

That is our beautiful smile guarantee.

Having a new smile is a significant investment but can be life changing and confidence building. The first step in obtaining the smile of your dreams is to call us at 806.792.2311, or visit our make an appointment page. We guarantee you will be happy that you did!


-Lubbock Dentist,  Jeremy Burke DDS, P.A.