There are many patients who lose all of their teeth due to a variety of reasons. Rampant decay, periodontal disease, and genetics all can play a role. We go to great lengths to make fantastic complete dentures for our patients. We make them look as natural as possible. By adjusting the positioning of the teeth and other subtle changes, from a conversational distance no one will be able to tell that they are not your own teeth. This is the ultimate compliment!

Dental Implants to Secure Dentures

Many denture patients are not 100% satisfied. Even the most well-fitting dentures have the tendency to move around a little bit when eating or talking. This is common since they rest on your gums which is a movable tissue. Chewing efficiency can be reduced and sometimes they may even come out at embarrassing times.

Most of our dentures are combined with the use of dental implants to help stabilize them. There are many different options which can help to improve fit and function by utilizing dental implants. To learn more, please visit our dental implants page.

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-Lubbock Dentist,  Jeremy Burke DDS, P.A.