For many people, having traditional orthodontic brackets is embarrassing and unsightly.  Wearing a mouthful of metal for 2-3 years does not sound appealing at all.  Fortunately there is a clear alternative.  We offer Invisalign invisible braces to our patients who want to improve their smile without the ugly brackets.

Dr. Burke is an Invisalign certified dentist.

What is Invisalign?

Using sophisticated computer technology, this method consists of a series of clear aligners that fit over your upper and lower teeth.This product is made of material that is almost invisible in the mouth, as shown to the right. With this modern system most people won’t even be able to tell you are wearing them. Removable Invisalign aligner
An alternative to conventional braces, the aligners are removable which allow you to brush, floss, and eat normally throughout treatment.With removable aligners, there is less risk of developing gingivitis and white chalky areas on your teeth that often occur with traditional braces. Lubbock Invisalign

About every two weeks a new aligner is inserted, and each set moves your teeth and gradually straightens them in small increments. Due to the computer technology and manufacturing, they are able to move teeth more precisely and efficiently, and in half the time as conventional braces. A standard treatment time is around twelve months, but some cases have been known to be treated in just six months.

Before wearing your first aligner, you can view how your teeth will move with a computer simulation.  You may also whiten your teeth during treatment to completely makeover your smile.  We offer one complimentary whitening kit to all Invisalign patients.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Comfort – Without metal wires and sharp brackets, Invisalign does not irritate your cheeks and tongue, and allows you to brush and floss normally.
  • Efficiency – They offer shorter treatment times and quicker office adjustments due to movements planned by computer. Less effort is required in order to correct the positioning of your teeth.
  • Appearance – With clear aligners and no unattractive wires and brackets, you can be straightening your teeth without anyone ever knowing.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  • Cost – Due to newer technology and high labor costs, they are typically a little more expensive than traditional braces.
  • Patient Compliance – Success is dependent upon patient cooperation. Since the aligners are removable, it is important to follow instructions.

Will Invisalign Work for Me?

This sophisticated system can correct many orthodontic problems such as crowding, spacing, and shifting abnormalities, but isn’t suitable for every patient. For example, they shouldn’t be used to move teeth that aren’t fully erupted. In certain circumstances such as severe crowding, conventional braces may be the best solution. Adults are generally great candidates for Invisalign.


-Lubbock Dentist,  Jeremy Burke DDS, P.A.